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We visited over 2000 sites and spoke to 3000 local business owners thinking about Your smile on our trips!

MB Rakonds
2 Staliu street,
Vilnius, Lithuania 01214

Company code: 305477325

Viber: +37062104934

An incoming tour operator in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

We provide Mini Bus Trips for individuals, groups and businesses – Baltic States Highlights, Nature and Outdoors or Exclusive Experiences. All routes are carefully designed.

We all love the land where we live and we believe that holidays in the Baltic states can give the best experiences and create unforgettable memories for many travelers.


By booking with us, you will promote local tour company and local people. We follow responsible travel policies and choose other local suppliers, tour guides, accommodation and transportation companies wherever possible. We will show you hidden treasures, invite you to see the insights of local culture and truly enjoy everything that you’ll experience!


We use mini-busses in Baltics because of three simple reasons:

Firstly, we received better customer feedback. It turned out you guys preferred mini-coaches and didn’t appreciate trampling over a peaceful forest for instance in Lithuania with 20, 30 or 40 other people.

Secondly, we found it easier to give back to the local communities. It’s not as easy to stop at that local bakery in Latvia’s little town when you need to bring 40 other friends with you.

And thirdly, the mini-buses made it easy to go down the small roads in Estonia that lead to your favorite hidden-away local treasures.

So, we organize tours in mini-coaches. Because we’re never going to value anything more than your enjoyment, our environment, and the world’s best-kept secrets.

  • No hidden costs - all inclusive

  • Really good prices

  • Exclusive travel offers for teams or groups

  • Proffesional guides are always in a good mood

  • Comfortable mini-buses

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