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Nr. 1 Vilnius-Trakai-Rumšiškės-Pažaislis

Castle, Monastery, Etnografic Museum & Food
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  • We drive 40min towards Trakai and we stop here to listen a guide who will show us around the castle.

  • Afterward, we will continue to drive to Rumšiškės for 1 hour. The Open-Air Museum of Lithuania is one of the largest ethnographic open-air museums in Europe that stretches across the area of 195 ha. After walk in villages, we will get some Lithuanian food.

  • Short 30min drive to Kaunas. With fool stomachs we need to have a walk. We will explore Pažaislis Monestary - The church is the most marble-decorated Baroque church of the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

  • 30min drive to take a lift with funicular to view Kaunas from a hill.

  • Heading towards Vilnius for 1.5hours. On a request one more short stop at secret place, where tourists usually don’t stop.

  • Entrance tickets to Trakai Castle

  • Entrance tickets to Etnographic open air museum

  • Entrance tickets to Pažaislis Monestary

  • Entrance tickets to Funicular railway

  • Guided tours with locals guides in Trakai, Rumšiškės and Kaunas

  • Service of English speaking driver on all times

  • Confortable mini bus and fuel

  • Dinner

  • Good mood (not necessary, we will make you smile:)

  • To have a breakfast

  • Suitable clothes with shoes and hat (in case of rain)

  • Extra snacks (if you want)

  • Camera

  • Your ID or passport


Start - 9:00

Dinner - 13:30 (included)

Finish - 19:30

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